Magna Electric Corporation



MEC provides electrical consulting, manufacturing, construction, field testing/ commissioning services, and training to the institutional, utility and industrial sectors, offering power system solutions to customers throughout North America and select international markets. MEC has a comprehensive quality assurance program, as well as an award winning safety program.


To act as leaders and the ultimate resource for quality products and service in the electrical power systems market.


MEC strives to consistently produce quality service in a time-conscious and cost-effective manner while maintaining total commitment to our core values.

Core Values

Safety, Positive Attitude, People, Teamwork, Service, Continued Improvement & Innovation

Safety- MEC's dedication to safety within the electrical power systems industry is a fundamental priority, because the safety of MEC's employees and clients is not negotiable. MEC also works hard to endorse and support the evolution of safety standardization in the industry over all.

Quality- Ensuring the services and products you need meet the highest standards is one of the best investments you can make in your company. MEC is a leader in establishing programs where everyone we employ, every product we manufacture - everything we do - is the best in the industry.

Positive Attitude- MEC understands that a culture of positivity in the work environment breeds not only satisfied employees, but in turn spreads to our clients and infiltrates work sites, creating an atmosphere rife with opportunities for future growth.

People- MEC recognizes that people- the leaders, teams, individuals, suppliers, clients, and even the communities that we live in are the fundamental base of our business, and our most important asset.

Teamwork- MEC understands that no project , large or small, can be completed without communication and teamwork, and works hard to maintain and encourage open lines of communication at all levels within the organization and with our suppliers and clients.

Service- MEC is committed to providing conscious, personalized service with attention to detail, and the perseverance to meet even the most challenging of deadlines, because positive relationships are vital to the success of all interested parties.

Continued Improvement & Innovation- MEC's successes are based on constant testing and implementation of new ideas and processes, the hiring and support of ambitious and creative minds, and the courage to always move forward.

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