One Source, One Solution...

From concept to commissioning, the benefits are clear:

  • Engineered and flexible systems
  • Procurement services for all electrical components
  • Construction services to ensure the quality and reliability of the finished system
  • Management of projects from concept to commissioning
  • Award winning safety program

MEC gets the job done on time and on budget...all you have to do is turn the key.


Donations and Sponsorships

MEC has a long-standing tradition of supporting the communities in which it operates and each year we invest in countless charitable organizations and employee programs that give back. MEC wants to help make positive changes in our communities; however, the many requests we receive for donations and sponsorships necessitate our being selective in order to be effective with our support.

We evaluate each application individually and our end goal is to ensure all requests are given equal and impartial consideration within a suitable time frame. We encourage you to complete the application form carefully in order for it to be thoroughly evaluated.

Shermco Donation and Sponsorship Application Form


Train your team on the hazards of Arc Flash and Shock with our Electrical Safety Training System Click Here